GenZum Life Sciences is a globally integrated Generic Pharmaceutical Product Development and Out-licensing company, based in Los Angeles, CA; with offices in New York, Chicago and India. Led by a team of industry experts and specialists, we focus on developing niche pharmaceutical products for our partners and end consumers around the world.

Our mission is to develop trusted and affordable pharmaceutical medicines through our innovative drug development programs, which allows for optimized research, development and clinical testing of niche Generic (ANDA) pharmaceutical drug products, as well as our own proprietary drug candidates through our NDA and 505(b)(2) development programs.

Our goal is to add value throughout the pharmaceutical product development cycle, from our in house product selection, formulation and clinical trials to manufacturing and commercial out licensing. Value which we then pass on to our partners, commercial distributors, and end users; saving time, money and improving the lives of many. Want to be part of our story? Email us at: info@genzum.com